English Career Course

Features of the English Career Course

With a curriculum centered on class proficiency level, the purpose of English conversation is “practical English you can use.”

  • Small classes separated by proficiency level
  • Practical English that focuses on speaking
  • Improve practical skills through studying abroad and overseas training
  • Skill Mastery

    Intensive classes centered on practical speaking skills

    An in-depth knowledge of English will be your tool for the future.

  • Qualifications Offered


    Elementary School English Teaching Certification

    Practical English Proficiency Test (STEP Eiken)

    Secretarial Skills Proficiency Test

    Service Industry Hospitality Practical Test, etc.

  • Your Future Self

    Corporate staff where English is primarily used (trading companies, foreign companies, overseas departments, etc.)

    English conversation school staff or staff at companies involved in English education for children

    Studying abroad, etc.

TopicChallenge Your Skills and Take the TOEIC® & STEP Eiken Tests

While practical English skills are essential, qualifications are also important for actual employment. At Kokusai Junior College, we offer full support for the TOEIC® and Practical English Proficiency Tests. We have designed classes to prepare for both TOEIC® and the Practical English Proficiency Tests. The TOEIC® test is administered on campus three times a year so that students can periodically check their level.

Head of Course Akio Takagi

I want a job that uses English! I am interested in speaking English!
I want to study abroad! Whether students are continuing their studies at another school, studying abroad or becoming a working adult, we focus on practical English skills.

Many students have spent a lot of time studying English in junior high and high school, but still do not have confidence when it comes to speaking.
With an emphasis on practical English skills, the classes at Kokusai Junior College are prepares students to confidently speak and interact with native speakers. Additionally, with classes organized according to your proficiency level, students can learn at a pace suitable to their own level. Our mission and responsibility is to provide support for your English education.

Overseas Sister and Partner Schools: Cultural exchanges with short-term students!

A Visiting Overseas Student’s Tour Guide

In order to improve English communication and hospitality skills, this program enables students to interact with visiting students from overseas sister and partner schools and act as tour guides to show them famous sightseeing spots near Tokyo. Of course, English is the main language of communication. Students research the cultural significance of each tourist destination in advance. While it can be challenging to explain cultural and historical topics in English, students can have a more engaging cultural exchange experience. This program is unique to Kokusai Junior College.

PointStudents can also Study Abroad at Sister Schools!

Students can have an affordable at home-like study abroad at sister and partner schools where college officials and faculty members from each respective school work together to personalize an exchange of friendship and cooperation.

<Program Specific Training>
Clearly defining what you want to be in the future

Researching English Related Jobs

To fulfill the desire that students want to actively utilize their English skills, we conduct program specific training to learn about occupations where English is necessary. After researching these occupations, students visit companies and talk to working adults to gain a clearer image of the direction they want to take in the future. By understanding the benefits and reasons to learn English, students are able to choose a career path more confidently and to clarify their future career after graduation.

PointKokusai Junior College Emphasizes Practical English

The English you learn at Kokusai Junior College prioritizes communication. In Japanese, we call this “Tsukaeru eigo” or “practical English you can use.”