Business Skills Course

Features of the Business Skills Course

By acquiring the necessary and practical business skills for working adults, students are prepared to be active and effective employees.

  • Classes designed by experienced professionals
  • High Quality Communication Courses
  • Substantial Test Certification Assistance including MOS
  • Skill Mastery

    Students acquire computer skills and business practices essential for a working member of society.

    The aim is to become working adults who can communicate smoothly in various business situations.

  • Qualifications Offered

    Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

    Business Practice Manners Test

    Secretarial Skills Proficiency Test

    Service Industry Hospitality Practical Test

    TOEIC® , etc.

  • Your Future Self

    General office staff

    Sales staff (apparel, etc.)

    Business staff

    Financial office staff



    Real estate office staff

    Beauty advisor

    Restaurant service & store management staff, etc.

TopicIn the intensive off-campus class “Differentiation Strategy and Corporate Image,” students learn about the sales and service industry and how businesses develop strategies to differentiate themselves from other companies

In the “Differentiation Strategy and Corporate Image” class, students study how the differentiation strategy of each company impacts their corporate image. Students visit facilities and gain insight into the employment at Gotemba Premium Outlets and Fujikyu Highland Resort Hotel & Spa, which are developing businesses focused on Mt. Fuji tourism, and Costco Wholesale Japan. Students also participate in the Disney Academy.

Head of CourseNaruhiko Kimura

Students not only acquire specialized knowledge and skills, they also obtain important basic skills and the ability to think and act independently as working adults.

We have established various courses and programs for students to become working adults that give a positive impression.
With courses such as Career Education, Business Education, Business Software Skills, Presentation Training Course, off-campus training presentations and internships, students develop the ability to be active and effective personnel at companies.
In addition to the required skills to accomplish a given job, students refine their talents as working adults who can act independently.

<Program Specific Training>
One step closer to your post-graduation self

“Job Investigation” via Corporate Visits by Group

Since job hunting at our junior college begins during the first year, students create an environment where they can imagine themselves after graduation at an early stage. In the Business Skills Program specific training, students visit companies including trading companies and manufacturers in groups to gain an understanding of what it takes to work on the front lines of society. In addition to being able to hear about qualities that human resources personnel are seeking, students are able to learn from actual employees about the details of their jobs and their motivation for working, and what students should do to prepare while in school.

Presenting research results

Seminar Research Presentations

Seminar research presentations are held with the aim of completing seminar activities and improving presentation abilities. Students are divided into groups to decide their research themes and present their results using PowerPoint in front of their peers. Summarizing research and findings in a short and concise manner can be difficult, but students will have the opportunity to practice and utilize their individual strengths to present their research. Presentations that take place in a short period of time can be difficult, but students have practiced, and each group can present details utilizing the features and points of view about their topic.