Career Enrichment and Hands-On Education

Stimulating Interest
to Create Opportunities

“I want to do a job like this.” “I want a profession like that.” To achieve these goals, there are plenty of hands-on educational programs that spark interest in various vocations and further turn those interests into opportunities. By interacting with working adults on the front lines of society, students are motivated to make their dreams come true.

Program Specific Opportunities

Stimulating interest via real world experienceProgram Specific Training

To find a more realistic career path in accordance with your program and desired career, it is important to meet professionals in that particular field. Program specific training is one of the hands-on educational programs that creates these opportunities. Three days a year, special classes are held off campus. At hands-on training facilities such as airports and hotels, students gain a real life understanding of the inner workings of these professions. On-site tours and exchanges with working adults motivate students to become working members of society. At Kokusai Junior College, we understand that hands-on education is important.

Another pillar of hands-on educationProgram Specific Intensive Off-Campus Classes

Program specific intensive off-campus classes are one of the hands-on educational programs that create opportunities to network with working adults. The theme for each course is based on each program’s requirements with visits to companies and facilities for three days and two nights. Upon returning, students report what they learned through presentations.
*Regarding participation, students are given priority to the program in which they belong.

Guam Hotel TrainingHands-on Practical Training Overseas

Students stay at a popular resort hotel in Guam. Through this training, students can observe various types of resort hotels, gain knowledge of the work, learn about the rewards and challenges of working overseas, and experience the differences in strategies and services by hotel brands.
*With regards to participation, there is a limited number of available spots and specific conditions to participate.

A Great Opportunity for Real-life Work Experience

A Rewarding Internship System

Experience real work for one to three weeks in workplaces such as hotels, airport services, and various general office settings. Since internships are a compulsory subject, internships are secured in a wide range of industries and occupations. In addition, students can experience internships with confidence as they acquire the necessary knowledge and customs throughout the year in their classes. Internships are a great opportunity to realize what students should learn during their college days through direct experience.