First-Year Educational Development Plan: A Time to Grow

A Curriculum that Nurtures “Fundamental Skills for Working Adults” with Employment in Mind

When considering future employment, how junior college students spend their first year is very important. At Kokusai Junior College, we place a high value on the curriculum for first-year students. We begin with the overnight seminar “Freshman Camp,” and then reflect on the first year during the end-of-year “Follow-Up Camp.” With programs such as our “Foundational Seminar” classes, there are many opportunities to grow and acquire the necessary skills for employment.

A Positive First-Year Start

Making friends at the overnight seminarFreshman Camp

An overnight seminar “Freshman Camp” is held for two days and one night upon enrollment. Along with a basic introduction to the school and its rules, students devise an action plan for the year. Freshman Camp is the time and place to make friends for a fun and fulfilling two years while learning the basics of college life together.

First-year reflections and preparing for employmentFollow-Up Camp

In February of the fall semester of the first year, we hold an overnight seminar “Follow-Up Camp” for two days and one night. Students review their year-long action plans created at Freshman Camp and in Foundational Seminars preparing for intensive job hunting along with writing resumes and conducting mock group interviews.

Keys to Success

Establishing desirable employment skillsFoundational Seminar

Upon enrollment, advisor faculty members conduct small seminars (about 16 people) on fundamental learning methods at college. In these seminars, students get hands-on experience through various etiquette and cleaning campaigns. It is an opportunity to prepare for job hunting and to perfect the necessary skills that employers seek.

Planning and Reflecting on Student LifeCampus Notebook

Using our original “Campus Notebook,” an essential practice at Kokusai Junior college is to “make a plan and review it.” This is an action plan for drafting and following up on goals for your student life. These plans are made at the beginning of the school year, checked during the mid-term student interviews, and reviewed at the end of the school year.

Initiatives to improve etiquetteEtiquette Campaign

First-year students participate in various etiquette campaigns as part of their Foundational Seminar class including on campus greeting campaigns and cleaning campaigns in the local neighborhood. While it seems like commonsense or expected behaviors, following rules and improving etiquette leads to greater job hunting success.