International Tourism Course

Features of the International Tourism Course

“I want to work at an airline company, hotel, travel agency, or in the bridal industry!”
We help students develop a strong foundation on which they can further improve their practical skills to achieve their dreams.

  • Practical classes with teachers who have experience in their respective industries
  • A wide variety of courses related to hospital and the service industry
  • Opportunities to acquire experience through course based training and internships
  • Skill Mastery

    Gain knowledge about hospitality and services related to tourism.

    Aim to get a job at an airline company, hotel, travel agency, or in the bridal industry.

  • Qualifications

    Domestic travel service manager

    World Heritage Test


    Practical English Proficiency Test (STEP Eiken)

    Secretarial Skills Proficiency Test

    Service Industry Hospitality Practical Test, etc.

  • Your Future Self

    Flight attendant

    Ground crew

    Ground handling

    Hotel staff

    Bell staff

    Restaurant staff

    Travel agency staff

    Tour guide

    Bridal industry staff, etc.

TopicWith the intensive off-campus class “Airport Business and Hospitality,”
students discover the secrets of the industry from full-time faculty with real life flight attendant experience.

“Airport Business and Hospitality” is taught by full-time faculty with professional flight attendant experience. On-site training with an ANA group company at Narita Airport and facility tours are incorporated into this course. Students learn about hospitality standards and airport protocols established to ensure safe aircraft operations and pleasant travel for passengers. One of Kokusai Junior College’s strengths is our affiliation with ANA Strategic Research Institute where students have the opportunity to observe the company’s service workflow.

Head of CourseMinami Kobayashi

Faculty members with actual airline and hotel experience assist students on their way to realizing their dreams through hands-on training and a practical curriculum.
We also have strong measures in place to help with the TOEIC® test and the job interview process.

An advantage of our college is that students are able to receive direct instruction from teachers who have substantial work experience in the airline and hotel industry. Faculty who have extensive knowledge regarding actual job hunting in these industries will guide you through the process.
Among the classes aimed at preparing students for job hunting are classes designed to help students achieve a TOEIC® score of 600 or more. Kokusai Junior College’s practical and hands-on classes are created with our students’ goals in mind, and we fully support their professional work aspirations.

<Program Specific Training>
Observe airport operations up close and personal!

Airport Training

Those who have participated in our airport training courses are particularly satisfied with their experience. It is a unique and valuable opportunity to see such things as the counter work of the ground crew, the pre-flight briefings of cabin attendants, and the back office. In addition, students can observe actual airplanes up close and personal at the aircraft workshop and receive lectures on the structure of the aircraft. Through on-site observations and experience, students are better able to understand the concepts they learn in class.

<Program Specific Training>
Learning the spirit of hospitality at hotels

Hotel Training

Hotel training consists of developing a broad understanding of hotel operations, visiting facilities and workplaces, learning table manners, and bridal venue tours. Students learn the basics of hotel services and the importance of communicating with customers. By leaving the college classroom and gaining real world experience, students can deepen their understanding of the hotel industry.